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The Rose Peddler 2000 

Performance, documentary, DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and photography.

Assistance: Mary Angela Piccioni

Producer: Max Allen

Length: 1 hour

The Rose Peddler was produced for the CBC radio program IDEAS. This program was an experiment that used DAB radio technology. DAB, Data Associated Broadcasting is a form of radio that transmits images and audio. The program was comprised of a series of interviews, a scripted story line, a performance art work and many images. This information was formed into a documentary that explored gender stereotypes in conjunction with the history of the rose and how it has been used as a symbol in art and popular culture. This DAB program was developed under the guidance and expertise of CBC’s producer Max Allen.


Exhibition History:

2000 – (November 8) The Rose Peddler was broad cast on the CBC Radio 2 program IDEAS.

Rose Peddler - CBC IDEAS
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