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Francis LeBouthillier is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist, designer and researcher. He was awarded his AOCA from the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) and his MFA from York University. Since 1989, Francis has been a Professor at OCAD University, where he teaches in the Faculty of Art. He chaired the Sculpture/Installation Program from 2007 to 2012. In his art practice, LeBouthillier creates interactive installations involving technology and performance to address gender/power hierarchies and issues related to the environment. Since 1986, LeBouthillier's installations have been presented in galleries throughout Canada, London England, Paris France, Denmark, Switzerland and the United States. He has also been the recipient of numerous artist grants and awards.


Francis also maintains a research practice that involves developing high-fidelity surgical simulators and medical models. This work has involved research teams at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital, Women's College Hospital, and the University of Toronto's Surgical Skills Lab. He has developed several simulators that are integral to refining the surgical techniques of obstetricians worldwide. His research work was selected by the Ontario Council of Universities to be included in their province wide Research Matters Campaign. In 2014, Francis LeBouthillier was featured in a Smithsonian documentary for his contributions in the advancement of surgical simulators in support of fetal health. In 2015 he was awarded OCAD University’s Award for Distinguished Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity.


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