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The Language of Silence 1993-94

Performance documentation, modified overhead projector, electronics

Camera: Patricu Calimente

Thanks to: Dr. Paul Write, Andrea Mackean & Greg Woodbury

The Language of Silence is a video installation that documents the performance of an individual’s mouth being repetitively manipulated by a pair of hands.  Directly opposite this video is an overhead projector with a mechanized filmstrip of images. This device projects a sequence of images onto a wall that is opposite the video performance. The performer’s mouth appears to be being forced to speak the words associated with the images projected on the wall of the gallery. The video performance is silent; the sound heard in the gallery space is the mechanical movements of the overhead projector. This work was presented in two exhibitions that were created by the Toronto based artist collective Spontaneous Combustion.


Exhibition History:

1993    Spontaneous Combustion, The Confederation Life Bldg. Toronto, Ontario.

1994    Spontaneous Combustion, The Atlantis Gallery, London, England.

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