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Joy Ride 2012-13

Performance documentation, video projection, cube van, outdoor LCD display

Editing: Rebecca Gruihn

Assistance: Luke Smit, Bas Reitsma (Stunt Driver), Diana Renelli (on set photographer)

Thanks to: Stuart Keeler, Ester Kim, Maureen & Peter Howarth, Dave & Hope MacLeod, Don, Jeannine & Aurora LeBouthillier

Joy Ride is a site-related video installation that invites the audience into an office cubicle to observe the actions and reactions of a bureaucrat in a peculiar environment. In slapstick fashion, the bureaucrat attempts to go about his daily routine. In the viewing of this work, the audience is presented with an opportunity to experience vicariously the absurdity of this character’s roller-coaster world with laughter and alarm by allowing the visual and experiential queues to transport them into this unsettling world of skewed equilibrium and uncontrolled inertia. This work was projected inside of a cube van and was presented at Nuit Blanche Toronto in 2012 under a special curatorial project entitled Leitmotif. Leitmotif was curated by Stuart Keeler.


Exhibition History:

2013    Art Gallery of Mississauga, Celebration Square Public Video Presentation, curated by Stuart Keeler (on display for 12 months)

2012    Leitmotif, Nuit Blanche, Toronto, special project curated by Stuart Keeler

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