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Me Two 1999

Performance documentation, costume, makeup, set design

Camera: Gary Blakely. Editing: Ray Kowalchuk, Greg Pallen, Stephen Foster, Ed Sinclair. Lighting: Sean McAulay, Makeup & Continuity: Mirella G. Amato. Props: David Hoekstra, Mary Millionaire. Production Assistance: Derrick Nato. Photos: Stavros Stavropolous.

Thanks: Andrew Bee Patriciu Calimente, Stavros Stavropolous, Scott Gwilliams, Jole Wengle, Tim Whiten, Elizabeth Willing, Beaver Hall Artist Coop. 

Duration: 7.5 mins

Me Two is a single screen video work that depicts an individual performer portraying four different characters together in one scene. This work utilizes makeup techniques, costume and computer effects to tell a story about two brothers. Notions of difference and societal constructions of normalcy are examined to discuss familial relationships and the impact they can have on an individual’s identity. This work was originally produced during a video contest called On the Fly. The parameters of the contest were to produce a complete video work within a 48-hour period. The majority of this work was produced during the contest; however, in order to resolve the artistic vision of and add the computer effects, this work was later reedited to its present state.  


Exhibition History:

1999    Premiere, Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival, The Workman's Theatre, Toronto.  

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