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Pandora's Box 2000

Performance documentation, aquarium, water, live eels, video monitors and electronics

Camera & photos: Kevin Kilpatrick

Assistance: Richard K

Thanks to: Graham Smith.

 Pandora's Box is a video installation environment that was created for an interactive telecommunications event with the same name. The installation consisted of a 150-gallon aquarium that contained 3 video monitors. The video monitors display a performer totally submerged in a tank of water surrounded by live eels. This exhibition was viewed through video conferencing technology and radio controlled robots. This art event, including the robots, was conceptualized and curated by Graham Smith, a Toronto-based media artist. 

Exhibition History:

2000    Pandora's Box, InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto, Ontario (and via the internet to the Fylkingen in Stockholm). Curated by Graham Smith.

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