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Point of View: Voices of the Don Valley 1996

Modified scenic viewfinder, audio documentary, electronics

Editor: David Pritchard of Sonic Studios

Duration: 12 minutes

Thanks to: Claire Ironside, Stavros Stavropolous, Don & Robert LeBouthillier,Lee Rickwood

Point of View: Voices of the Don Valley is an audio/visual public artwork that is comprised of a scenic viewfinder, which was modified to accommodate a digital audio sound system. This installation is located on the south side of The Prince Edward Viaduct in Toronto. The passer-by can look through the viewfinder into the valley and listen to an audio documentary constructed from stories told by residents and visitors of The Lower Don Valley. Point of View was a part of ECOLLAGE, a public art project sponsored by The City of Toronto. This work was one of five site-specific projects installed in and around the Lower Don Valley area. The work was unveiled on May 28th, 1996.



Exhibition History:

1996 to present - The Prince Edward Viaduct, Toronto, Ontario (due to technical difficulties the audio component of the work is presently not functioning)

Audio recording from scenic viewfinder 

Point of View: Voices of the Don Vally - Francis LeBouthillier
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