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Simulate 1994-95

Performance documentation, custom fabricated mirror with a swirl pattern, video monitor

Dimensions: 12''X 12'' X 24''

Duration: 15 min.

Thanks to: Louise Dompierre, Arthur Renwick, Marie Jean Claude, Ian Smith Rubenzahl, Albert Gleizes Foundation, Rhone-Alps, Sablon, France

Simulate is a video installation that presents a recording of a performance that is partially concealed by a mirror that has patterns incised through its reflective surface.  This mirror is positioned over a video monitor that is embedded in a wall.  The video documents a performer touching and caressing their chest and nipples. This work was produced during an artist residency at the Albert Gleizes Foundation, Sablon, France. The original title of this work was Poitrine (meaning chest in English) Please see documentation from the Albert Gleizes Foundation (click here).


Exhibition History:

1995    Pressing On....., Toronto Photographers Work Shop. This work was curated by Ian Smith Rubenzahl in conjunction with the travelling exhibition The Pressing of Flesh.

1994    Artist in Residence Gallery, Albert Gleizes Foundation, Sablon, France

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