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Onion Skins 1997

Performance documentation, video projection, modified scenic viewfinders, steel structures

Camera: Gary Blakely, Editing: Gary Blakely, Ed Sinclair, Greg Pallen.  Production Assistance: Matt Donovan.

Thanks to: Rocco & Joe Turineo, Stavros & Tommy Stavropoulous, Mathew & Peter Donovan, Patricu Calimente, Joel Wengle, Paul & Daniel Mitchel, Don & Robert LeBouthillier, Gary Blakely, Graham & Joshua Smith, David Toledano, Kil-Young, Eastern & Stanley Yoo

Onion Skins is a video Installation comprised of performance documentation, two scenic viewfinders containing video monitors and a large steel supporting structure. Onion Skins occupies a darkened space approximately 20 feet wide X 30 feet deep.  On one wall is a wide screen video projection of Niagara Falls. At the opposite end of the gallery is a steel platform that supports two modified scenic viewfinders.  When one looks through the eyepiece of the viewfinder the audience can observe a video depicting men cutting onions superimposed onto close-up details of Niagara Falls. Sounds of seagulls can be heard emanating from the viewfinders.


Exhibition History:

1997    Dialog, Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1998    Images Festival, InterAccess Artist Run Centre, Toronto, Ontario, curated by Deirdre Louge

1999    No fun without you, 425 Adelaide Street W., Toronto, Ontario.

1999    The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, curated by Clint Roenisch

2000    Niagara, The Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, curated by Robert McKaskell 2003          A Group of Seven: A contemporary look at the Canadian landscape, Art Mur Gallery, Montreal, Quebec. Curated by Rhéal Olivier Lanthier & François St-Jacques

2005    A Group of Seven: A contemporary look at the Canadian landscape, Embassy of Canada, Washington, D.C.. Curated by Rhéal Olivier Lanthier & François St-Jacques.

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