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Outside In 1993

Performance documentation, video electronics, vacuumed formed plastic, plaster casts

Curation and Technology: Graham Smith

Outside In is a video installation environment that was created for an interactive telecommunications event called CyberCity.  The work consisted of a cathode ray video television tube mounted inside a clear plastic container. Displayed on the television tube is documentation of a performer standing in a white room amorously interacting with a clear plastic object. Outside In was presented alongside 10 other artist environments in a group exhibition that took place simultaneously in two locations. In Toronto, the actual physical artist environments were seen at the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology. With the aid of state of the art video conferencing technology, the works were experienced in Italy at the Aperto Pavilion in the Venice Biennale. The audience in Italy were able to navigate the robot through the artist environments via a touch tone phone controller system. This first-of-its-kind art event was conceptualized, curated and engineered by Graham Smith, a Toronto-based media artist.  Outside In is the first of 3 works produced for different curatorial projects that employed a similar strategy of using technology to experience physical environments from remote locations.


Exhibition History:

1993    CyberCity, McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, Toronto, Ontario (transmitted to the Aperto Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Italy). Curated by Graham Smith

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