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Deification 1993

Two-part performance documentation, holography, polished brass reliquary, an oak alter and bench, book of blank die-cut onionskin pages, two monitors, purple velvet scarf

Camera:  Patricu Calimente, Carmen Bonello

Editing: Joe Bonello

Hologram: Claudette Abrams, Fringe Research, Toronto Ontario Arts Council

Thanks to: Don & Clothy LeBouthillier, Carmen & Doris Bonello, Ontario Arts Council

Dimensions: 14' X Height 8' X Width 9'

Duration: 80 min.

Deification is a video Installation that presents a two-part performance work within the pages of a large book. Part 1 involved the video documentation of a purple scarf on historical sites in Jerusalem and Greece. Part 2 documents the scarf as it is used to blindfold a performer. Wearing the blindfold, the performer models a clay portrait. The hologram in the installation was created from the clay head produced during the performance. The hologram produced for this project was funded by the Ontario Arts Council.


Exhibition History:

1992    Altaring Nature, MFA Thesis Exhibition at The Beaver Hall Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

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