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Templates for Male Pattern Baldness 1993

Performance documentation, barber's chair, video monitors, marble and wood tables.

Barber: Luigi Gallanti.

Camera: Patricu Calimente  

Editor: Joe Bonello

Duration: 27 min

Dimensions: 12'X 14' X 9'

Templates for Male Pattern Baldness is a video Installation that presents documentation of a barber cutting the hair and shaving the scalp of a performer in order to create the appearance of pattern baldness. Two video monitors simultaneously display the event. The monitors' surface is covered with a two-way mirrored film, when the edited video sequence fades to black the mirror film is visible and reflects the audiences' presence. When the video image returns, the mirror film disappears and the video reappears.


Exhibition History:

1994    Naked State: A Selected View of Toronto Art, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ontario. This exhibition was curated by Louise Dompierre and Arthur Renwick.

1992    Altering Nature, MFA Thesis Exhibition at The Beaver Hall Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

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