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Silent Picture 1992-95

Performance documentation, video monitor in dental sterilizing cabinet, cloth toga, large brassiere, paint box, painting easel and a painting of Venus de Milo

Camera: Patricu Calimente

Dimensions: 6' X 10' X 5'

Duration: 20 min

Thanks to: Stephen Foster, Kartz Ucci, Anna Amul

Silent Picture is a video installation that presents documentation of a performer wearing a large brassiere over their arms. With brush in mouth, the performer paints a representation of Venus de Milo. Silent Picture was the winner of the Samuel Sarick MFA Purchase Award.


Exhibition History:

1995    This work is permanently installed on the main floor of The Centre for Fine Arts at York University (due to technical difficulties, the video component is temporarily not functioning).

1992    Altaring Nature,MFA Thesis Exhibition at The Beaver Hall Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

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