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Feelings 1995

Performance documentation, video, child’s crib, mechanical toys, electronics

Thanks to: Graham Smith, Annette and Cole

Feelings is a video installation environment that was created for an interactive telecommunications event called Welcome to the Electric Skin. The installation was comprised of a baby's crib that had a video monitor integrated into one of the walls. The video monitor displayed a recording of a child's hands playing with toys. At the entranceway to the environment were positioned a series of mechanical toys that were activated by motion sensors. Feelings was presented alongside 11 other artist environments in a group exhibition that was experienced by audience participants in numerous international locations via video conferencing technology. The audience members were able to navigate through the artist environments via radio controlled robots. This art event, including the robots, was conceptualized and curated by Graham Smith, a Toronto-based media artist. 


Exhibition History:

1995    Welcome to the Electric Skin, The 401 Richmond St Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (and transmitted to a variety of sites in Europe and North America). Curated by Graham Smith

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